Happy 4th Blogiversary to me!

Today marks the 4th anniversary of my adventure into the blogosphere. It was a very tentative experiment at first, arising from my lack of knowledge of webpage design. Once I learned about the Geneabloggers community, I was no longer comparatively isolated in Australia’s Top End.

Image from Shutterstock.

Image from Shutterstock.

Little did I know how many doors blogging would open, how many wonderful people would visit my site, and how many fantastic friends I’d make along the way, many (most?) of whom I’ve never met. I’ve also discovered distant relatives, and fellow descendants from the homes of my ancestors.

My blog page on Dorfprozelten is the single biggest drawcard on the blog and has helped connect up different family members –sometimes I feel like a match-maker <smile>. It’s been so popular that I eventually opened another blog called From Dorfprozelten to Australia and also a facebook page for the Dorfprozelten Diaspora.


I just want to say a very sincere thank you to all those 99,600+ visitors to my blog who’ve come to read one or more of my 553 posts. Thank you to my fellow geneabloggers who’ve provided so much support and encouragement along the way. Thank you also to the new family members I’ve met and those who share a common ancestry or place of origin with me.


I have two books which I’m going to offer as blogiversary gifts. We’re downsizing our library and while these books are good second hand ones, they’re ones I can force myself to live without. Sadly they will only be able to be sent to the Australian contingent as my postage costs would be astronomical elsewhere. If you’d like to be in the draw, why not mention it when you comment and Mr Cassmob will do a random draw of the names on New Year’s Eve.

Scan to the bottom of the page to see which books they are.


And don’t forget to drop by later, as I’m brewing up another geneameme just in case you get bored after all the Christmas rush.

Curiosity killed the genealogist?

And a question to satisfy my curiosity, my ClustrMaps profile tells me there have been visits this morning and this afternoon to my blog from:

7:11 : Adelaide, AU; 6:59 : Vancouver, CA; 6:46 : Melbourne, AU; 5:37 : Baulkham Hills, AU; 5:17 : Sydney, AU; 4:58 : South Australia, AU; 4:42 : Turramurra, AU; 3:55 : Brisbane, AU; 3:38 : Mumbai, IN; 3:35: Caboolture, AU

12:25 : Los Angeles, California, US; 12:15 : Hebron, Connecticut, US; 12:08 : Adelaide, AU; 11:58 : United States, US; 11:46 : Brisbane, AU; 10:57 : Ashfield, AU; 10:19 : Castle Hill, AU; 10:16 : Eastwood, AU; 10:03 : Mountain View, California, US; 9:39 : Milton Keynes, GB

Were you one of them?



The focus of this book is Sydney -so may be of great interest to a Sydneysider.

3rd blogiversary competition results

DSC_0356It’s now past the 27th December around the world so Mr Cassmob has done the draw for the Blogiversary competition I posted about a couple of weeks ago.

And the winner is…..drum roll…Helen Smith from Brisbane and From Helen V Smith’s Keyboard. Helen will be receiving the iPad sleeve designed by Indigenous women in Central Australia.

Fist Prize: Central Australian design iPad sleeve.

Fist Prize: Central Australian design iPad sleeve.

Second prize goes to Kristin in the USA and blog Finding Eliza. Kristin will receive the Tiwi purse.

2nd prize: the little purse designed by the Tiwi women.

2nd prize: the little purse designed by the Tiwi women.

Then because I remembered some badges I’d had made earlier in the year (in case I got a family historian for my Christmas Swap), we drew another two tiny give-aways.

One goes to Alona Tester (South Australia) and the other to Judy Webster (Queensland). The idea for these badges came from Fi at Dance Skeletons and were ordered from Cafe Press.


I’ll be in touch with everyone to get their postal address so I can send on the gifts.

Thank you to each and every one of my readers and commenters whose support keeps me engaged in this wonderful world of writing family history aka blogging. I’m only sorry I can’t give you all a little gift.

‘Tis the season, for gifts – 3rd Blogiversary competition

present‘Tis the season to be jolly (and give presents!) and as my 3rd geneablogging birthday is coming up in  on 27th December I decided a while ago to celebrate by sharing two gifts with my readers.

It’s your commitment to visiting my site, reading my stories and sharing your comments that has made blogging such an enjoyable and rewarding experience for me. Thank you!

So, I have two small gifts to send out to two randomly selected, readers. Both gifts have a local Northern Territory Indigenous “flavour”.

The first is an iPad case made by Aboriginal women from Central Australia. It will fit an original iPad as a sleeve but would also fit other tablets or even just your notebook and pencil or whatever.


The second gift is a little purse by the Tiwi women from across the water north of Darwin. Again, you choose what you’d use it for.

Tiwi purse

Tiwi purse

So if you’d like to be in the draw for either of these gifts, please leave a comment below and I’ll announce the winners on my blogiversary, 27th December. I may use random.org or I may just decide to be old-fashioned and put all the comments in a hat and get Mr Cassmob to draw one out.

This little “competition” is open to all my readers wherever you may be, I’m happy to post around the world as both items are very light-weight.