Paris in October – Monet magic and Paris moments

In late 2010 we visited Paris for the first time in 25 years…we’d waited too long and once again it was a fleeting visit. Once again we’d blown in on a train but this time it was the hyper-modern Eurostar direct from England. Monet was our motivation as there was a fantastic exhibition of his many works from galleries around the world. We’d booked our tickets before we left and scheduled our visit time but even so it was something of a rushed arrival. It really was a superb event, an indulgence of Impressionist gluttony rivalling an equally large exhibition we’d happened upon in Rome in Easter 2000.

The winter skies were grey and dreary but this time Paris truly captured our hearts. We scheme to revisit it either at Christmas or in spring (with a side trip to Monet’s garden perhaps?). To have the time to wander aimlessly enjoying the buildings, drinking coffees, and just relishing being in the moment.

Here is a slideshow of some of the images that captured our senses.

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This post is part of the Paris in July 2012 theme hosted by Karen from BookBath and Tamara from Thyme for Tea.

Illuminating Blogger Award Revisited

Only a week or so ago I posted that Julie of Anglers Rest blog had nominated Family History Across the Seas for an Illuminating Blogger Award, initiated by the FoodStories blog. Since then the Award has been circulating among many of my favourite blogs and I’ve been thrilled to receive further nominations from geneabloggers Prue at Becoming Prue, Helen at Helen V Smith’s Keyboard, Shauna from Diary of Australian Genealogist,  and Jennifer from Tracking Down the Family.

Each and every one of these nominations is precious – we spend so much time crafting our stories and taking a risk “putting them out there”, that it’s such a pleasure to know others enjoy them and find them helpful in some way.

I am obsessive about family history and have become equally obsessive about blogging. What I’ve gained from it is the wonderful camaraderie of an equally keen group of geneabloggers. In some ways I still can’t believe not only that people read my blog, but that I now have a community of virtual friends around the world who share my obsessions. I no longer feel isolated stuck away at the top of Australia. So to all my readers and to all those who nominated my blog, a huge THANK YOU

I listed six blogs for the Award last week but to keep it to that limit there were any number I couldn’t include but who I had mentioned previously in other recommendations. Luckily many of those have been nominated by other awardees, which simply shows how much value we all place on this community of geneabloggers. I’d also like to acknowledge Geniaus’s continuing support to new bloggers and to Carole Riley, who gave me so much encouragement when I started out a couple of years ago.

Like Geniaus I’ve decided not to add a further list today, but again do please look at my blog list which includes so many stars whose writing I love to read.  I do try to keep it up to date, but sometimes I forget as I have nearly 150 blogs on my Google Reader subscription.

By the way, you too can nominate a blog you love for the Award – just go to the website to find out the rules.