K is for Kudos

Family History AlphabetAlona Tester from Gould Genealogy has proposed a Family History through the Alphabet series over the coming 26 weeks. I decided that my theme would be the Attributes we need as family historians: the skills, experience and talents you bring to your research.

K may not bring to mind many attributes but the one it does is important!

K is for Kudos: As family historians we owe it to others to recognise their hard work, whether it’s building a tree, family photos or stories. We also owe it to those whose books etc we source for our stories.  So our own research should be honest and include the references for all these works so that we acknowledge the contribution of others.

Can you think of any other K attributes?

These great additions have been provided in the comments:

Kindness (Kristin and Kate): generosity with our fellow researchers in sharing information or discoveries. The Kiva Genealogists for Families group founded by Judy Webster also reflects this kindness beyond our specific interests.

Keen as Mustard (Alex), yes we’ve all got the enthusiam.

Kinky (Fiona): my ancestors are pretty mundane so not too many kinky stories that I’ve found.

Knowledge (Mr Cassmob): the store of knowledge we acquire as we research our ancestors.