Family History Alphabet: M is for Mental Gymnastics, Maths and Mothers

Family History AlphabetMy theme for the Family History through the Alphabet is the Attributes we need as family historians: the skills, experience and talents we need to bring to our research. Week 13 is in the middle of the alphabet and brings us the letter M.

M is for MENTAL GYMNASTICS: I guess this is appropriate for the half-way mark and in the midst of the London Olympics. Not only does our mind get a work-out with learning and acquiring new skills, but we need to become proficient gymnasts. Triple back flips with twists are often required to resolve our challenging problems.

M is for MATHS:

What’s maths got to do with it? Well it certainly helps if we understand some basic maths given that money drove many of the documents we need to track down, whether taxes, land purchases, probate etc.  As if that’s not enough we will probably have to deal with conversions from pounds, shillings and pence (in the UK or elsewhere) and acres, roods and perches to hectares. Not to mention trying to assess what an amount from the 19th century converts to in current economic value.

M is for MONEY: Okay, not exactly an attribute but we surely do need some spare reserves of money if we’re to pursue this obsession of ours and to know how to be canny in making it go as far as possible.

M is for MATERNAL ANCESTORS: tracing our female ancestors can be trickier because they don’t always appear in formal documents. It’s up to us to give them equal air time and find ways of telling their stories that goes beyond the standard genealogical conventions.

I’d like to add M is for MORTALITY: the survival rates of our ancestors, but then again it’s not a researcher attribute.

Do you have other M word additions to our suite of attributes?