Monday Mentions and hangouts abound


The world is your family tree oyster with blogging. Edited image from Office Clip Art.

Share your discoveries on your blog.

Genealogy Down Under live discussions were launched by Geniaus’s in her inaugural Hangout on Air (we should have had a glass of champers Jill). And some related blog posts from Geniaus (Jill), Anglers Rest (Julie), and My Genealogy Adventures (Tanya)

You can also read about the new Society of One Place Studies and watch their first hangout.

Looking for Christmas ideas, or just wanting to let your family come to grips with their family tree, have a look at  Lone Tester’s (Alona) photographic family tree wall.

Western Districts Families blogger Merron, talks about how she’s been using Facebook to attract past and current residents of Hamilton, Victoria. A great idea if you have a particular interest in an area and want to promote it.

Looking for photography tips. How about this blog?

This is a link to a reconstruction of London as it was 400 years ago. Several bloggers mentioned this including British Genes which has the full story linked.

The InDepth Genealogist recommends MakeUseOf, which looks like a site I need to explore.

Whispering Gums on Jane Austen and Politics. Yes it is about literature but have you considered novels might add context to your family stories?

Genealogy’s Star, James Tanner, always offers a smorgasbord of food for thought: An Overview of Genealogy, Part 4. And what about those “I agree” statements we all click on? And importantly “the essence of genealogical research”. Or using “New technology to use historic maps”.  Or What is Research? “Comparing legal research with genealogical research”. My list of saved posts includes so many of Genealogy’s Star’s post. If you don’t already follow this blog add it to your “must read” list. James always gives us something to think about.

Marian’s Roots and Rambles offers advice to budding bloggers on choosing a blog name. I wonder how many of us considered all these points.

Do you have family across the ditch? Inside History reminds us of the wonderful Papers Past website for NZ (their equivalent of Trove). And another post from Inside History where SLNSW’s Margot Riley dates a family photo. See how it’s done. And for a touch of history interspersed with levity, they’ve also recommended “Girt, an unauthorised history of Australia” with its play on our national anthem. I am finding it very funny and tongue in cheek though the history may need some closer inspection.

And for those of us with Scottish ancestry, you may find Chris Paton’s post on pre-1841 census listings to be enlightening. This won’t give you the actual records but will ensure you know what’s available.

And my own addition to the above listing, why not check out the Historical Tax Rolls on ScotlandsPlaces. I found some interesting family snippets among these.

Monday Mentions: More blog posts of interest

As I mentioned I’ve been trying to catch up with my blog reading and have come up with more posts which I found interesting and/or impressive. If you haven’t read them you may also find them useful.

Julie (Angler’s Rest) announces the Society of One Place Studies.

Kim from KK Genealogy has written a wonderfully evocative piece for the Book of Me’s Prompt 9 on Time Capsules.

Alona (Lone Tester) suggests we should check out Facebook for the myriad local history pages that are blossoming there.

Jana’s Genealogy on Rootsmapper, a tool to help with mapping where your ancestors lived.

Have you ever pondered the meaning of cousins once removed etc? Wonder no more, as this post explains it quite simply.

Toowoomba & Darling Downs Family History Society has completed more indexing of the Toowoomba Chronicle, check this link and also their sidebar.

Want to know how to use Digital Imagery as a Tool for Historical Research? Follow the Archives Outside link on this topic.

Or tips on photo management from Genealogy’s Star.

A sad reminder on the Return of Childhood Killers by Historians are Past Caring. If you doubt their impact on families in recent memory, you should read Catherine’s personal story on Vaccinations.

One Cool Site’s Timethief, suggests how we can craft quality blog comments.

John from Canada’s Anglo-Celtic Connections (revamped title) has some interesting links for us on Welsh records, an interactive 19th century London map, and the UNESCO Memory of the World project.

Unlock the Past has a new book which interests me on London and Middlesex Family History Sources Online…..Xmas is coming <wink>

Clare County Library: New History of Corofin Parish will appeal to anyone with ancestors from that area.

And then there’s James Tanner’s Genealogy’s Star blog: I’m not going to pick out any one post. If you don’t follow James’s posts, why not go over and have a look. It’s rare for me to find one that doesn’t make me think.

From a Facebook post by Inside History: Google tools you didn’t know existed ….I certainly didn’t.

For my fellow grammar fiends, this article recommended by Liv Hambrett is intriguing. English really isn’t the same everywhere.

Hope you find some of these mentions useful or just plain interesting reading.