Cass Collage

Some months ago I decided to see if I could achieve a personal photo collage like Kristin does on Finding Eliza. When my computer crashed in August I thought I’d lost my work but the other day I rediscovered it.

So here is my (imperfect) attempt at a photo collage which represents some of the people and events in my life.

collage 4

And by popular request, some captions (left to right per row)

Top row:

Pauleen with Grandma, early 50s; the cow shed on the old Kunkel property dating back to 1870s probably; Steam train arriving Murphys Creek c1989; View over Dorfprozelten, Bavaria, 2003 (one of my header photos); view over Sanderson’s Bay, Alotau, Milne Bay District c1974.

Second row:

Highland scene outside Goroka, PNG c1973; Pauleen’s birthday party with friends; Lowering of the Australian flag, Independence, Hubert Murray Stadium, PNG 1975; Goroka Markets c1973; Kathmandu 1977.

Third row:

Christmas markets Nuremberg, Bavaria, 1992; All Hallows’ School, Brisbane c1998; PNG flag; Mr & Mrs Cassmob at uni 1967; Wewak beach, PNG c1973.

Fourth row:

Rue Petillon cemetery near Fleurbaix, France 1992; Highland warriors, Goroka Show, 1972; Family Christmas early 1960s; Mr Cassmob’s mother, missus and eldest daughter early 1970s.

All photographs are copyright Pauleen Cass.