Ancestral Marital Longevity

“Inspired” by my post on the jubilarian McSherry couple, I decided to look at the marital longevity of my ancestors. Rather than confuse myself (and you) with a plethora of ancestors, I confined myself to those who came to Australia, although in the case of Duncan and Annie McCorkindale, she and their children emigrated after his death.

Marital longevity tableI’ve also put asterisks against those who were pre-Separation pioneers in Queensland. Each and every one lived in Queensland though Stephen Melvin defected to New South Wales after Emily’s death where he set up another business and married twice more, making his tally four marriages.

What this exercise has told me is just how much is dependent on our individual longevity gene. I have a suspicion one couple were living apart, but only inferential “evidence” and I strongly suspect one had gone walkabout after arriving in Australia. Either that or he is buried somewhere remote and hasn’t made the death indexes. Also, only one divorce, but having read the documents I am amazed the brothers didn’t take the husband out and give him a thrashing. My other half and I are already in the top half of the league table….fingers crossed we pass a few of those ahead of us.

What this exercise has confirmed for me is that I need to do some serious work on my family history program, so perhaps this is the time to change programs. Makes me tired just thinking about it, as the gedcom hasn’t been very compatible in the past.

Have you ever explored your family’s marital longevity?