Inside History, Geniaus and her 50 top blogs

Earlier this week I received a google alert highlighting an Inside History article on blogging by Jill Ball (aka Geniaus). Now the fact that Jill was writing about blogging would come as no surprise to any of us but what astonished and delighted me was to find that my own blog rated a mention in her Top 50 blogs that she follows. I was extremely chuffed to be included and thanked Jill immediately via Twitter. When there are so many interesting blogs in the blogosphere it’s truly a privilege to be highlighted so I thank Jill and Inside History most sincerely.The world is your family tree oyster with blogging. Edited image from Office Clip Art.

Jill wrote a blog post yesterday mentioning other blogs that she liked but hadn’t been able to include in her Top 50 (I’d imagine it must have been pretty stressful figuring out the short list).

Like Geniaus I’m very conscious of how much wonderful work is being done by fellow family historians. The diversity and depth of research is both impressive and inspiring and it seems every week that I add to my blog reading. Sharing a sense of community has been an important benefit of blogging for me, given I live a long way from where the action is, so to speak. I truly value the genea-mates I’ve made through blogging and love sharing views with them in comments.

Fellow bloggers are transcribing and interpreting family diaries, analysing local histories, telling heartfelt family stories (recent and from the distant past), documenting cemetery photos, and sharing news information about important genealogy events world-wide or in specific countries or counties. In short, lots of people are sharing their love of family history with the world.

I’m nowhere near as brave as Jill, so I’m not even going to attempt to shortlist my favourites. Instead I’ll refer you to my Blog Links page which includes some of the blogs I follow through Google Reader. Please pop in and have a look at some you don’t already follow and say g’day, they all deserve your support and enthusiasm.

Oh and by the way, why not join in the fun and post your response to the Merry Month of May Music Meme (let me know by posting a comment).