Tropical Territory – new blog, new images

My Territory blog posts have been fairly popular and I’ve been intrigued by some of the 365 days of photography series. Michelle Goodrun from The Turning of Generations has started a new blog called Shutterbug Generations which inspired me to open a new blog for my photos of life and scenes around the Top End. It will be separate from this blog so people can choose to follow or not.

I’ve called it Tropical Territory and it will be photos with only a short caption (if any) on each. Mostly they’ll be photos I’ve taken on that day or the day before but if for some reason that comes unstuck I may sneak in some older ones I’ve taken. I’ll tweet my posts but won’t humbug people on Google+ with them. We’ll see how it goes. (You can see how focused I’ve been so far this year. But to be fair I’ve edited some 40 pages of my draft family history).