Adding Translation Options blogs are not able to add plug-ins such as Google Translate. However all is not lost.

Thanks to Time Thief on One Cool Site I have been able to offer two buttons/links on my sidebar which will enable non-English speakers to read this blog in the language of their choice. Time Thief is a great help on all things related to WordPress blogs especially the more generic ones. It’s been an interesting learning experience.

After a certain amount of fiddling and tweaking I’ve managed to have two (well really three) options:

  1.  I now have an additional page on my site called “Translate this blog”. This takes people straight to the “conversion” page.
  2. I have a “TRANSLATE THIS BLOG” link on the top of my sidebar which also takes you to this conversion page.
  3. I have a second type of translation button, courtesy of Free Web Site Translation. This is a little more cumbersome as readers will have to scroll down to find the options of which language to choose.

Why did I choose to do this?  My interest in emigrants from Dorfprozelten, Bavaria in Germany was my main motivation I admit, but hopefully it will also make the blog open to others whose English is limited.